More lights don’t always mean more beauty.

More lights don’t always mean more beauty.

We all love the festive lighting installations around our neighbourhoods and workplaces during the holidays, with a few caveats:

    • Tastefulness is important. Tackiness is always possible.
    • A good lighting installation takes time and planning.
    • Most families and business owners don’t have time to put together a good lighting installation.

The trick is to plan out the look and like most good art, intentional use of empty space can actually make the overall product better.

So why should you get a professional team from Mountview Landscaping to install your festive lighting this year?

Because, above all, Safety is Important.

Did you know that there are 12,000 cases where inexperienced homeowners injure themselves by putting up Christmas lights? Safety is the most critical factor why someone would want to hire a professional installer. Decorating your home with lights involves the use of ladders and working knowledge of electrical equipment. Inexperienced homeowners run a high risk of falling and injuring themselves, sometimes seriously. Also, light fixture installations and wirings need to be handled with care to sidestep the chances of any electrocution. Professional Light Installers understand the right techniques and have the right equipment to carry out the job safely and correctly, plus the experience of installing lights on different residential and commercial buildings. By hiring a professional installer, you’ll keep safety top priority and adhere to standard practices to avert the possibility of an accident.

Because you don’t really have the time.

Most home and business owners have other priorities.

      • Getting the kids to after school or weekend activities.
      • Getting home at a reasonable hour after work.
      • Making dinner.
      • Not standing in the cold for hours, stringing up finicky lights.

If you want the great holiday lights but don’t have the time, book your holiday lighting installation from us.

Because you kind of don’t know what you’re doing (we say this in the nicest way possible).

The vast majority of homeowners string up old lights along the eavestroughs year after year. It’s a fine start, but there’s nothing inspiring, exciting or creative about it. Your property looks just like 10 others down the street with the same routine. Your holiday lighting can be just like your landscaping in the summer, blooming differently every year. But can you come up with a tasteful new design this year?

Because you don’t want to store all the lights in the off season.

When you take down the festive lights in the spring, where do they go?

Most people leave the tangled mass of lights in a few boxes, eating up garage space they could get better use from. Somehow those boxes get the lights more and more tangled through the spring, summer and fall, leaving you a nearly incomprehensible mess to untangle next year. We will handle the storage and untangling of the lights we bring to your home. Our clients choose from a huge selection of light styles for their homes and never have to unwind from the frustration of unwinding tangled strings of lights.

Because festive lighting is about more than the lights.

Like we mentioned above, too much light and too many colours can be tacky.

Covering every bit of space on your home and in your yard with lights isn’t the best move.

A Mountview Landscaping exterior holiday lighting installation in Hamilton.

A Mountview Landscaping exterior holiday
lighting installation in Hamilton.

Removing some lights from your plan completely or adding wreaths and other winter greenery can add so much to your holiday lighting installation.

But it has to be done tactfully. Simply removing lights doesn’t always get the job done properly. Even a minimalist style display needs some planning.

We’ve provided holiday lighting installation to thousands of families in southwestern Ontario over the last decade and look forward to adding your home to our list of holiday masterpieces.

Contact us today and book early!