There is nothing more relaxing in your back yard than the sound of water. For years the best way to achieve that was the installation of a small pond and waterfall. While they sound great and look beautiful ponds can be a lot of maintenance, especially when you need to find a leak. In the past few years we have had great success with pondless water features. These include waterfalls without a pond at the bottom and a wide range of options for bubblers.

The bubblers we typical install are large stones with a hole drilled in them. These stones sit on top of a hard plastic basin eliminating the possibility for leaks. A pump is installed in the basin and tubing in the hole drilled in the stone to direct the water to the top of the stone. Job done, the relaxing sound of water without the work of the pond! For more examples of water features, both pondless and waterfalls that involve ponds check out gallery. Contact us for a free estimate today to get started on your water feature project!