Officially, Earth Day is April 22. But at Mountview Landscaping, Earth Day is every day.

And like most things, change happens within your home. Change begins with you.

The choices you make every day, in and around your home, can make the biggest difference.

Healing the environment starts at home

The first Earth Day took place on April 22, 1990, to focus the world’s attention on our environment and what we can do to preserve and protect it.

The easiest way to help heal the environment and make a difference in our world is to maintain a healthy, natural lawn.

But what about water usage?

Concerns about increased water usage with natural lawns have caused some homeowners to switch to artificial turf, but the benefits of natural lawns extend beyond water usage.

Improves air quality

Pollution has become a huge problem, and with our transportation and industrial building and constant construction, and visiting and utilizing our natural resources, mankind has only increased the negative effects of pollution.

But we can change that.

Natural lawns and grasses cleanse the air of millions of tons of dust, dirt, and impurities.

How? It’s simple.

  1. Grass blades capture air-borne impurities
  2. Dew and precipitation help move them into the root zone
  3. Dust and dirt return to the soil
  4. Soil microbes help break pollutants down

Fights global warming

Since natural lawns help to purify the air, they also capture carbon dioxide.

The most interesting part of this process is that rather than being released back into the atmosphere, carbon is held in the soil where it eventually becomes organic matter – adding to the health of the environment, rather than taking away from it.

And, grass clippings left on the lawn after a mow help to improve the carbon-storing capacity, which means they can purify more air.

Reduces the risks of fire hazards

A healthy, well-maintained natural lawn acts as a fire retardant, and offers significant protection should a wildfire ever occur.

Since wildfires thrive on dry environments, if you keep your lawn healthy and lush, you will have no issue preventing damage to your lawn or home.

Improves happiness

Having a lush, green lawn can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, reduce tension, and increase feelings of happiness and serenity.

Spending time outdoors and having a space to grow natural plants or have waterfalls or ponds, can increase relaxation tremendously.

And our team at Mountview can help you achieve that happiness with our lawn care and landscaping.

Ready to help the environment? Contact us!

Are you ready to start making a difference in the environment? Start at home, with your own yard and lawn.

Natural lawns benefit the environment and your family’s quality of life in ways that nothing else can.

Mountview Landscaping is committed to helping you grow a lush, healthy lawn that helps make our world a better place.

Contact us today to get started working on your lawn and improving the environment at the same time.