Have you ever underestimated or overestimated your residential landscaping budget? No one really likes the ‘B’ word. No matter how much planning is involved, you or your contractor might be faced with the fact that not enough money was allocated to a certain part of the plan.

DSC_0268NHere’s what you can do to ensure your 2016 residential landscaping projects stay on budget.

Things Cost More These Days

Just because something cost $500 the last time you undertook a major landscaping renovation doesn’t mean it will be the same now.  The cost of materials and labour goes up, just like everything else, over time.

It’s best to get a few estimates and average them out to see where your budget is heading.

Think Long Term

It may be tempting to stay focused on what you need right now, but predicting future needs will pay off big time.

You may only need to switch out a few annuals right now, but what if you could spend more on a full installation of drought resistant plants that will look just as good, but last longer and require less water to maintain?

Spending a little more now on a more thoughtful installation could save you a lot over the next 10 years.

What About Irrigation?

New plants and designs often come with new watering needs. If drought resistance isn’t your way, clever irrigation planning can help balance your costs.

Direct drip irrigation can cut your watering waste significantly. In fact, an efficient irrigation system can take care of your entire property for a summer with less water than a sprinkler uses in a month.

Irrigation is a smart investment, and far from a frivolous luxury.

Don’t Ignore the Necessities

DSC_0134Sometimes we forget some of the most necessary items when we budget. Make 2016 different and remember the following easily overlooked items:

  • Detention and retention pond maintenance: Unless you want runoff issues because of your beautiful water feature, you need to make detention and retention pond maintenance a part of your budget plans.
  • Large tree care: Older, larger trees require more maintenance and service time than newly installed plants. They will require more pruning and care, but are worth every dollar.
  • Plant replacement: Eventually, your plants will need to be replaced. If you leave them too long, they will begin to look tired and unhealthy. Leave some room in your budget to maintain the appearance and health of your plants.
  • Irrigation maintenance: Watering systems will make your project more efficient but only if they function properly. Make sure you’ve got space in your budget to go toward regular maintenance, repairs and upgrades.

Prioritize Focal Points

This varies depending on your long-range plans are for the landscaping project. It’s a great idea to create a list that orders what’s most important to you so you can allocate money and help your landscaper meet your needs.

Our professional team is exceptionally accurate when building project plans and laying out the budget required for each service. If you don’t want to have to watch over your landscape contractor’s shoulder, we’re your best choice.

Contact Mountview Landscaping today to find out how we can help you maintain peace of mind during your all your residential landscaping projects.