Property managers and business owners throughout Kitchener turn to Mountview Landscaping for all their property management needs. It does not matter if it is spring, summer, fall, or winter, the experienced team at Mountview Landscaping keeps your site looking immaculate and polished. We are a full-service landscape company that provides garden landscape design and construction services. Our clients are provided with a single contractor for all their landscape needs, including snow removal, mowing services, outdoor lighting installation, and custom project construction.


After 25 years in business, we have built a rock-solid reputation for our wide range of landscape and gardening services, plus our commitment to personal care. We are now pleased to expand into Kitchener and the surrounding communities to do what we do best by providing our clients with uniquely tailored services to their personal needs.

We guarantee professional and friendly employees who are trained in every aspect of each job they do. Because of our reliability and quality of service, we have earned more referrals than any other landscaping company in the area and we are excited to bring our landscaping services to the communities of Kitchener. 


How do you like to spend time in your backyard? Each family home has different needs and visions for what they want their yard to look like. Maybe it’s a beautiful spot to entertain with interlocking pavers or a comfortable outdoor living space with a gazebo and lighting. Talk to the landscape design team at Mountview Landscaping!

Our landscape architects can make your dream a reality – complete with ornamental plantings, unit pavers, walls, walkways, water features or fire pit. Whatever your dream is, let’s work together to make your outdoor space beautiful and functional for your family home. 


At Mountview Landscaping, we believe that a customer’s first impression begins when they first pull into the parking lot. Therefore, we are proud to provide every aspect of commercial and condominium site maintenance for shopping malls to large or small scale condominiums. This includes grounds keeping for snow removal and mowing services, spring and fall clean up, seasonal planting, litter removal, garden bed care, and even holiday decorations.

We also design and maintain systems and landscape lighting. We work hard to keep things simple for your facility’s management team – this means working with one designated contractor to provide all aspects of year-round property maintenance.

By choosing Mountview Landscaping, you’re not only choosing a landscape design company that can install your project, but also provide year-round care. We’ll consult with you and provide an estimate. Give us a call to learn more and choose experience and reliability, every time.


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