We are really fortunate to work in an industry where we can feel a great sense of accomplishment with our work. It really is rewarding to have our customers tell us how thrilled they are with what we’ve done to their yard and how much they now enjoy their time in our creations. Whether its maintenance of the plants, new patios or walls and even water features, one of the most dramatic affects we can provide is through landscape lighting.

This should never be confused with the solar lighting available at your local hardware store. Our projects are all low voltage systems that include a lifetime warranty on the transformer. Fixtures are guaranteed for between 5 years and lifetime depending on the manufacturer. All systems installed by us come with a complete 2 year service warranty that even covers bulb replacement.

The design involved in our projects focuses on the effect of the light. This means we worry about lighting trip hazards on a pathway, highlighting your favourite tree or shrub or lighting an object away from your normal gathering areas to give your yard more depth. A well designed system means most people will not see the fixture or see glare from the lamp at night. In daylight hours the fixtures are very attractive and should blend into the landscape. Another element often overlooked in lighting is that this is a 12 month addition to your landscape allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your yard in the winter as well.

Please visit our gallery to see examples of lighting we have installed and start thinking about what we can do in your yard. Contact us today for a free consultation.