Smart About SaltSalt plays a very important part in the winter by keeping our roads, parking lots and sidewalks clear of snow and ice. At the same time it is damaging to things like buildings, cars, roads, sidewalks, wildlife, water and plants. There are ways to keep our roads and sidewalks safe and minimize the damage and impact on the environment.

Being Smart about Salt Certified is all about contractors being aware of how much salt they’re putting down because as our population grows, so does our demand for salt, which is not a good thing. The Smart About Salt Council is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the environment through programs that improve management of winter salt used to control snow and ice on sidewalks, parking lots and roadways. There is also Smart about Salt certified sites such as schools or government properties, multi-residential buildings like condominiums, apartments and townhouse complexes, industrial and commercial properties like shopping centres, factories, arenas and industrial complexes.

Some of the benefits of becoming a Smart about Salt certified site include; reducing your costs for winter salt management, reducing infrastructure damage to bricks, doorways and sidewalks, reducing damage to client property without compromising their safety and you can even qualify for insurance discounts and at the same time demonstrate your commitment to environmental care!

To become a Smart about Salt certified site go to and complete the three easy steps outlined on the website.