Japanese Barberry spring pruning - Mountview LandscapingThe weather is slowly getting warmer, and before the shrubs start budding, you should have your spring pruning and shearing done.

Here is a partial list of common shrubs you can prune worry free. Spirea, potentilla, hydrangea (Annabelle and Pee Gee), Rose of Sharon, Butterfly bush, and Japanese Bayberry should be cut back now. If your clematis blooms on new growth it should be cut back now also. Woody perennials like Russian sage can have up to ½ of the old growth removed to stimulate new growth.

Check trees for winter damage and prune broken branches and cross over branches out.

Any shrub that is grown for the bark colour such as yellow-twigged and red osier dogwood should be severely cut back every couple of years to stimulate new bright coloured growth.

If rose bushes have started to bud, they can be pruned now. If you’re unsure, feel free to contact us for a consultation.