Marsh Marigold - Mountview LandscapingYou can have a colourful, inviting landscape this summer. But if you leave the planning until the summer is in full swing, you might not get all that you wanted. So here are the 5 beast reasons why you need to plan your landscaping now.

Get in with the pros

To realize your landscape vision requires planning and consultation. If you want to attract the right tenants or spend more time outdoors with your family, you need a plan. What is the intended purpose of your outdoor space? We can help you design something to suit your needs.

No matter how you envision your garden, you will need plenty of time to review the details. Planning shouldn’t be rushed. For example, are you interested in incorporating a serenity corner overflowing with a water feature; or, making use of natural stone in your landscape design? How can these elements play off each other? Take the time to dream, sketch and start over again. If you don’t know what you want, we can help translate the pictures in your head to a design on paper.

Plan today, relax tomorrow

Your relationship with your landscaping design company should start as early as possible.

The more lengthy a conversation you can have, the better. When all expectations are on the table, you’ll get exactly what you expect from us. Personalized, attentive service you can count on. The earlier in your planning process you contact us, the more you’ll benefit from our experience in planning.

Farewell, stress

Let’s face it, the last thing you want to be doing at the end of spring and the start of your summer is making phone call after phone call, attempting to find the right grounds maintenance provider, or hauling dirt and trying to make your own raised beds. Wouldn’t you rather spend your spring managing other building priorities? Throwing the baseball around with your kids?

Plan now so the actual process of completing your landscaping will be as streamlined as you want it to be.

Let the sun shine in

Can you visualize sitting on your old deck in July and August wishing that you were surveying the landscape of your dreams? Do you need to attract new tenants right now? Turn all eyes to your property with the most impressive landscaping on the street.

Summers are hot enough without the added heat of disappointment. If you want to delight in a garden filled with monarchs, spectacular flowers, and edible and native plants. If you want to come home, sit outside and listen to the water of your garden fountain, or stroll along your vegetable beds that seamlessly transition into brilliant wildflowers. If you want your commercial property to be the most in-demand around, start planning your project today.

We specialize in landscaping for southwestern Ontario’s climate. Contact us today to find out how we can make your property clean, natural and inviting this year.