Over the course of each season, gardeners and homeowners across Canada aim to improve their landscaping by planting a wide variety of plants in their outdoor spaces. In the past, it has been common to plant non-native plants in yards and gardens. However, gardeners and homeowners alike are becoming more aware of how using native plants when creating a landscape design can have major benefits for the gardens and the environment as a whole. Over time, native plants have evolved to adapt to their climate and habitat and possess fantastic benefits and many reasons to include them in your gardens. 

The benefits of incorporating native plants into your gardens and outdoor spaces are many, and they will save you time, money, and resources in the long run. Native plants also invite beautiful and vibrant wildlife such as butterflies and hummingbirds that can brighten anyone’s day. Some of the greatest advantages of native plants are that they make your landscaping low-maintenance and environmentally friendly. 

Our top 6 reasons to include native plants in your landscaping are:

Native Plants are Strong and Healthier – Plants that are native to your area generally establish more quickly, and by nature are healthy and hardy. Over thousands of years, plants have evolved to thrive and grow harmoniously within the environment, and throughout all seasons in their native areas. Generally, their root systems grow to be very deep, up to 15 feet in some instances, are acclimated to the soil, and their stems and leaves can withstand any harsh elements depending on the nature of the local environment. 

Create a Wildlife Habitat – When native plants are incorporated and thrive in their native environment, local wildlife benefits from the creation of natural habitat. This in turn benefits the environment and helps bring your outdoor space to life. While native plants will help the more obvious wildlife such as pollinators and birds, they can also help create habitats and homes for small animals, cold and warm-blooded creatures, and microorganisms within the soil. All of these animals have a job to do and a native and natural environment supports the development of a symbiotic relationship. 

Native Plants Benefit the Environment – Native plants typically require significantly less water, fertilizers, and pesticides than non-native species. They also help by preventing water run-off, improving general air quality, and reducing pollution as they eliminate the need to use lawnmowers and other equipment. Because native plants have adapted to their own climate, and in turn can effectively defend themselves against local fungi, insects, and disease. This means they don’t require the use of pesticides and insecticides and instead have a fully functional defense system. By eliminating the need for pesticides, you save money, time and support the environment. 

Low Maintenance Native Plants – Native plants are significantly less costly than turf or sod grass, and also take less time to maintain. They are already designed by nature to thrive and bloom without lots of extra help whereas non-natives typically require extensive watering, fertilizers, and pesticides in order to grow.

Native Plants are Rarely Invasive – The majority of native plants are not invasive, meaning they will allow other plants in your yard or garden to grow freely. Invasive plants only make creating a beautiful and sustainable landscape more difficult as they control the growth of other nearby plants which can cost you unnecessary money and time.  

Erosion Control – Thanks to their ability to grow deep root systems, native plants minimize soil erosion and stabilize the soil. Non-native plants typically have shallow roots which simply don’t anchor the soil effectively. Preventing soil erosion in your outdoor space is important because it preserves the highly fertile topsoil and prevents the creation of sediment which can pollute local bodies of water. 

native Canadian plants used in landscaping


The Bottom Line 

Native plants are a sustainable and beautiful addition to all outdoor spaces as they boast not only an aesthetic appeal but offer many benefits to the environment. Native plants add a sense of splendor and lushness to your garden and can result in a sculpted and refined space that is designed with interest, unity, and harmony in mind. Native plants can bring a wealth of textures, colours, varying sizes, and bloom times to your space, making it a stunning environment year-round.  If you want to learn more about landscaping and incorporating native plants into your outdoor space, contact us, your local landscaping experts at Mountview Services today!