Over the past few years, many Canadians have dedicated themselves to a variety of home improvement projects, including those involving their outdoor spaces. Everyone’s vision of the perfect yard is different, but most of these visions include beautiful landscaping, lush trees and plants, and exciting design details. For many people, figuring out how to achieve their ideal outdoor space can be difficult.

Landscaping isn’t something that should be rushed, or it can turn out looking messy and disorganized. Taking the time to make proper plans for your landscaping projects this year is highly important, and ensures that your yard ends up looking the way you envision it. To help get your ideas, inspiration, and plans to flow, here are some of our top landscaping trends for 2023. 

Grow Native Plants

In the past, it was quite common when selecting plants for a landscaping project to select non-native plants for gardens and yards. While non-native plants can be beautiful, they often struggle to thrive in a less familiar environment. In 2023, selecting plants that are native to your area is becoming more common, as they offer the same allure and beauty, but are more likely to thrive in your climate as they have already adapted to the temperatures and weather. 

Construct a Retaining Wall 

Retaining walls can be required when the yard slopes towards your home. Without this, your home may be at risk of sustaining water damage and foundation issues. While retaining walls are primarily functional in nature, they can also be an aesthetically pleasing design detail and add visual interest to your yard and gardens.

Install a Gravel Garden

When we think about landscaping, we typically think about gardens, lush grass, vibrant bushes, and tall, full trees. While this is typically what landscaping involves, it is not the only type of garden you can have in your outdoor space, and they aren’t always properly suited for every climate. A gravel garden can be an ideal alternative in regions that are drier or prone to water shortages, or for those who are simply looking for less maintenance in their landscaping. These types of gardens usually include a bed of crushed stone and a variety of perennial plants, ornamental grasses, and herbs to bring colour to the space. Gravel gardens are simpler and easier to maintain and can be visually stunning, often becoming the focal point of your outdoor space. 

Rainwater Water Collection

Sustainability and environmentally friendly elements have become more popular and important among homeowners over recent years. One element to incorporate into your landscaping design is a method of collecting rainwater. By collecting rainwater, you can dramatically reduce your water use, which helps the environment and can save you a significant amount of money each month. The rainwater you collect can be used to water your lawn, wash your car, fill your swimming pool or pond, and much more. 

Consider Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has become a popular landscape design trend in 2023 because it is lower maintenance than natural grass, is more durable and long-lasting, it always looks perfect and it can be installed in a wide variety of environments. In addition, it can be installed in areas where natural grass is unable to grow, and is green all year round, regardless of the season. Artificial grass can also be cost-effective for those who want a lawn but don’t want to do the required maintenance or use the necessary amounts of water, fertilizer, and pesticides to ensure it stays vibrant and lush. It is estimated that homeowners could save as much as 55 gallons of water per square foot of grass each year. 

Mountview Services Can Help Create Your Dream Outdoor Space 

Landscape design is routinely changing, and new trends emerge every year. As you prepare for the warmer season of 2023, take the time to carefully consider and plan what you might want to add or change with your outdoor space, so your dream design can become a reality. Contemplate including one or a few of the trends discussed above to create a gorgeous outdoor space with an eco-conscious design that will flourish and bloom no matter the climate. With these top 2023 landscaping trends, you can’t miss and your outdoor space will become the crown jewel of your property. Contact Mountview Services to learn more about our landscaping services or to request a quote today!