Snow – beautiful to look at, but a huge nuisance to remove. As Canadians, we get our fair share of snow over the winter (and let’s be real, well into the spring) so we’ve compiled our top 3 snow and ice removal tips to get you safely through winter without any impromptu skating, or pulled muscles!  


Professional Snow Removal  

Of all the ways to remove snow and ice, having someone else do it is the easiest! Whether it’s weekly, daily, or only on a request basis, hiring a snow removal team sure beats doing it yourself. At Mountview Landscaping, we proudly offer commercial snow blowing, shovelling & plowing services to fit the needs of your condominium complex or commercial & industrial development – give us a call to get started!  


Manual Removal 

The tried-and-true method! While a bit labour intensive, shovelling or snow blowing away the wintery coverage is an effective method of snow removal. In fact, there is such a science to shovelling snow you can choose from a series of shovels, all designed to clear surfaces effectively and efficiently. Got an ice covering? Throw down some salt, have a stretch, and get to it – the salt will help remove the ice layer, making removal much easier. (PS: while it sounds easy, many Canadians hurt themselves while shovelling every single year. Do not over-exert yourself, and do not forget to help out your neighbours!)  


Snow and Ice Melt 

Why work harder, when you can work smarter? Whether it’s salt, sand, or sulphates, there are many quick melting options available to help you rid your driveway or walkway of snow and ice. If you have pets, be sure to choose an option that won’t hurt their paws and not overuse the products so they don’t pollute local water sources.  


Though wintertime conditions seem less predictable than ever in Ontario, some amount of snow and ice is a certainty. Whether it’s a season of record-setting snowfalls or a few light dustings, we’ve got your back! Contact us for residential snow removal tips, or schedule your commercial snow removal for the upcoming season