Looking to learn more about melting and removing snow like a boss? We got your back, and with years of experience in snow removal, we know a lot of tips and tricks, but we’ll keep it short and sweet – just like salting should be!  


Salt for Snow Removal

If your goal is to simply remove snow from wherever it is (your path, your driveway, a sidewalk) then a great choice is sodium chloride. Usually, a dark-green colour, sodium chloride snow melt has an accompanying pre-wetting agent designed to keep snow and ice from reforming.  


Salt for Roads

If you’re salting on a larger scale such as roadways, parking lots or even driveways, snow melt containing magnesium chloride is our suggestion! While it is usually a bit more costly than its counterparts, magnesium chloride is less likely to damage lawns or concrete finishes. One thing to note is that this salt does start to lose its effectiveness when the temp hits 0F (-17 Celsius for us Canadians).  


Salt Additives

Sometimes, salt needs a boost! Adding sugar or sand can not only help the salt leave the truck and adhere to the road. Not to mention, sand helps give you that little extra bit of traction when needed most. Colourants may also be added to salt so that it is easier to see it while spreading – it’s much easier to pick out blue and green than clear salt!  


Whether you need to melt snow at home or at your workplace, we can help! We have staff on duty 24/7 to monitor site conditions and be ready for unexpected weather events. Let us be your single-source landscape maintenance team, year-round, keeping your walks and drives safe for your customers and residents. Call us today at 519-458-8179 to get started.