If you’re a property manager looking after several different condominiums, then we are the property management team you’ve been searching for. At Mountview Landscaping, we pride ourselves on making your job as easy as possible by providing one-stop shopping for year-round property management maintenance.  Keeping your property looking maintained and attractive is our top priority!  Choosing a 4-season maintenance contractor allows for your precise needs to be met season after season, and saves you time and hassle – so you can get on with your busy day-to-day. 

The easiest way to keep your condo property accessible and attractive all year. 

Working with multiple contractors providing service to your condo is frustrating. 

Managing schedules is time-consuming. 

Renewing contracts and comparing multiple quotes every season is time-consuming. 

Uncertainty about the quality of work you get from a new seasonal contractor is stressful. 

 The easiest way to keep your property accessible and attractive all year is to find a 4-season condo maintenance contractor and build a long-term relationship. 

So what do you get with a 4-season commercial property maintenance contractor like us? 

The selection of services your property needs. 

Grounds maintenance. 

Landscape design and construction. 

Irrigation design and maintenance. 

Landscape lighting. 

Snow & ice management. 

Festive lighting installation. 


Mountview Landscaping offers year-round complete property management and goes above and beyond to ensure your unique needs are met each season. Our skilled staff also provides landscape design and construction services as an added benefit. Our single point of contact business model allows us to build longstanding relationships with property managers. 

Grounds maintenance is a must for most condo property managers. It’s the essential service to keep your property attractive and inviting. Through every season of the year, our grounds maintenance services keep your property looking neat and tidy. This is part of the recipe that keeps existing condo owners or renters happy and brings in the new tenants you want in the building. 

Most condo properties save money and effort by installing a smart irrigation system. Unfortunately, many irrigation installations are not designed for maximum efficiency and end up wasting water as well as needing frequent repairs. At Mountview Landscaping, we can design, build and maintain yours. Our landscape professionals are thoroughly trained in all aspects of irrigation installation and maintenance, with the goal of making your watering system trouble-free. 

In the winter, snow and ice management keeps your property safe for tenants (and protects you from slip-and-fall lawsuits). Throughout the wintertime season, Mountview Landscaping provides 24-hour site monitoring services 7 days a week. We’ll be on-site to provide commercial snow blowing, shoveling and plowing services to fit the needs of your condominium complex, as well as emergency services with no hidden costs. 

Landscape lighting is an added benefit to help tenants feel better about nighttime security. We provide lighting for all landscapes and outdoor spaces, including walkways, drives, sports courts, and common areas. With our services, you’ll also have control over colours and styles while still keeping operating costs low. 

Festive lighting is an additional touch that keeps tenants happy and draws in the kind of people you want living in your building. At one point in time, festive lighting was an extra expense property managers shied away from. Now with LED lighting and smart digital control systems, festive lighting is far more energy-efficient. Our professional landscape lighting experts can design any sort of display that is affordable and manageable to help with festive cheer. 


Working with 1 contractor is better for business. 

Year-round contracts are better for you and for us. In general, long-term relationships are always better for business. 

We provide excellent, responsive service because we want those long-term relationships. You appreciate the relationship and familiarity because it makes your job a lot easier. 

You don’t have to explain your values to new contractors every season, you don’t have to negotiate new contracts and you don’t have to waste time and energy finding an unproven service provider. 

Sign on with us for a year and we keep an open line of communication so you can always voice your concerns (or, more likely, satisfaction) with the service you get. 

Save yourself time, effort, and stress by getting all the services you want in one location, from one contractor with experience serving condo managers like yourself. 

Call today to talk about the service you need and put us to work making your life easier.