When looking around at homes, you’ll see some homes with outdoor lighting, and some that sit dark. Oftentimes, homes with outdoor lights, patio lighting, or deck lights have more curb appeal than those without. As part of our complete landscape design and construction services, we have installed new lights in yards all around southwestern Ontario. Let’s look at some of the reasons why outdoor lighting can increase the value of your home.  

Outdoor Lighting for Enjoyment and Curb-Appeal  

A carefully designed and installed backyard lighting system can make your outdoor space more inviting on warm summer nights. Whether for grilling and dining on the patio, a Saturday night party or a quiet family get together, landscape lights are a simple way to make your backyard more functional. We also provide various festive lighting design and installation services for curb appeal all season and holiday long.  

Outdoor Lighting for Safety  

If you are concerned about backyard steps, uneven surfaces on your driveway or concerns about visibility at night, a few carefully placed pathway lights can make your property safe and stunning. For example, you could use underwater lights around the exterior of your pool, or pathway lights around steps and uneven areas. Your safety is important to us, if you’re unsure where best to put your lighting talk to our lighting installation experts. 

Outdoor Lighting for Better Home Security  

Equipping your backyard with exterior motion sensor lights will stop intruders right in their tracks. Motion lights are also great to deter less dangerous intruders such as animals, like skunks or raccoons. Today’s landscape lights have energy-efficient LED bulbs that last for years. Likewise, security lighting does not have to mean glaring floodlights mounted on the side of your house. Any type of landscape lighting, if designed by a professional landscape lighting contractor, can provide enough light to deter any late-night lurking. 

Contact your Mountview Landscape Lighting Experts Today 

At Mountview Landscaping, our landscape lighting installation opens up new possibilities for you to enjoy your yard. Whether you are looking for extra security and safety, or simply want to extend the time you spend outdoors, our in-house landscape lighting technician has the design and installation expertise to provide an elegant, and (if you want) automated lighting solution. You can also learn more about outdoor lighting by reading our previous blog.  

From simply lighting a pavilion or outdoor gathering space to elegant displays that highlight the special season, our landscape lighting installation experts provide efficient, personalized service. Contact us today for an estimate or more information.