Your fence line doesn’t have to be a source of annoyance when it comes to landscaping or law moving! Instead, it can be repurposed into a focal point in your yard, which also just so happens to keep out visitors and provide privacy. Low maintenance and easy to install, Mountview can help you turn your fence line into a backyard dream. Take a look below at a few of our favourite ideas, or give us a call at 519-458-8179 to discuss your ideas!  


Add some Trees 

Low maintenance, and easy to install with the help of a professional, adding trees to your fence line brings shade, privacy, and the natural beauty of leaves and bark! As the trees mature, the amount of grass you’ll have to mow in your yard will diminish. Large trunks will grow, and you’ll likely only have to do a bit of weed-whacking if you prefer a pristine look!  


Rock Border/Wall 

Depending on the size of your fence, or your desired backyard look, installing a rock or interlocking paving stone wall can add a beautiful, modern burst to your yard. Complete the look with low-maintenance plants such as ornamental grass, Hostas or ferns for an extra pop of green amongst the rocks!  


Water Feature 

 Waterfalls or water features are a great way to turn your fence line into a lively space! Create a cascading stone waterfall complete with a pond, or choose only one – either way, you’ll have the beautiful soothing sounds of water when you want them! In addition to traditional landscape construction, the Mountview Team supplies the extra items that make your time outside more special, and all water features can be customized as focal points and fun places to sit or socialize. 


Wildlife Feature 

Why not turn your fence line into a wildlife sanctuary for local animals? Butterfly gardens, bird baths and shrubs with berries can make your backyard a wildlife oasis! Choose pieces that fit into your existing design or start from scratch with the Mountview team – Each feature and construction material in your yard has its own characteristics, our landscaping design makes them all work together. 


Call Mountview 

 We understand that every yard, client and lifestyle is different.  You may be looking for a private backyard retreat, while another homeowner dreams of the ultimate outdoor entertainment space.  Tell us everything you’re looking for and our design team will make it happen!