A Little Slice of Magic

If you’re anything like us, you want the holiday season to be a magical time! Whether your own children love to watch the lights twinkle, or you’re adding a bit of holiday cheer for yourself, winter time is the BEST time to bring out the whimsicle nature of beautiful lights and decorations.

For every house that doesn’t join in the festive fun, a bit of magic disappears – while we don’t expect your house to look like the Griswalds, you’ll find joy in the colourful lights and snow blanketing the neighbourhood making everything feel a little more special.

Christmas Lights MississaugaColourful Lights Are Back!

While crisp white lights had their time, colour is BACK, and it doesn’t have to be garish like the lights we all grew up with (we aren’t even going to mention the amount of tinsel we’ve seen over the years!)

Bring in the nostalgia of holidays past by using bright LED lights, LED Ropes, animated and colour-changing lights, and even projectors to create a bright, happy holiday look. Beautiful reds, bright greens, and even bright blues are being included in modern colourful installations. If you favour one colour over another, tell us! We can create the holiday light look of your dreams. What’s even better? We can install your seasonal lights while you take the kids out for the afternoon. They’ll return to a more magical home!

Varying Bulb Sizes

Use a variety of bulb sizes to create a stunning look! Wrap the porch in big bulbs, and use smaller possibly different-coloured accent lights around windows, doors, and around railings.

Have a tree you want to spruce up? Create a dreamlike tree using beautiful greens and reds wrapped from tip to trunk to create a truly whimsical centrepiece of your property – who said Christmas trees were only inside?! NOT us! 

Earthy garland

Christmas DecorationsGarland running up the bannister or across the fireplace mantle brings that wintery forest feeling inside. It turns your house into something different and special the moment it goes up.

It’s a staple in the movies your kids watch this time of year, so they already associate it with a kind of special feeling.

Spruce up your garland (pun intended) with:

  • A string of white LED lights.
  • Red bulb decorations.
  • Gold beads and stars.
  • Pine cones and holly berries.

Hula hoop chandeliers

Give your kids a light show in the bedrooms with something like a hula hoop chandelier.

It’s a pretty easy project to complete yourself (or as a family!) and brings some of that outdoor magic inside.

  • Wrap an old hula hoop in lights.
  • Yellow or colourful traditional styles work best here.
  • Leave some string lights hanging down from the sides, like icicles.

Outdoor Christmas trees!

christmas lights installerOutdoor tree decorating can be as flashy or subtle as you like.

Over the last few years, families requested more complete outdoor tree decorations.

  • Lit or animated tree toppers.
  • Colourful ornaments like bulbs and stars.
  • Ground lighting.

Let the kids think Christmas trees grow up from the ground this way!

We can install your outdoor tree lights with timers or remote controllers to make turning them on every night convenient.

Truly special outdoor lighting design.

Mass-produced Christmas scenes and pre-ordered designs are done. More and more, families want an overall festive design based on the unique features of their home, property and neighbourhood.

Hanging baskets on the front porch with flickering candle-lights, backyard bird baths ringed with spouts of soft turquoise string lights to look like a pouring fountain, and colourful spotlights aimed at privacy bushes for a warmer ambiance.

To avoid a Clark Griswold meltdown as seen below, we recommend giving Mountview Landscaping a call at 519-458-8179! We deal with the entire installation, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

Give your kids the most magical experience this winter and turn your house into the perfect winter wonderland.

We can help you design it and set it up. Call today to talk about your holiday decorating ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions

LED bulbs can last around 50,000 hours compared to standard bulbs, which last approximately 1000 hours. This means you’ll get 50 times the amount of use from an LED string of lights than incandescent Christmas lights. LED lights also use less energy because they produce less heat while turned on. While you’ll spend more upfront to purchase LED lights, you’ll actually save over the lifetime of the bulbs in energy costs and replacement bulbs. 

LED lights are the best choice for outdoor lighting for many reasons. Most notably, LEDs offer a much brighter light, a longer life span, and they are typically made of a much harder plastic which means less broken glass. Not only are they considered safer to use because of the little heat they produce, they also don’t require any heat to turn on – so it is always an “instant-on” even in freezing cold temperatures. 

Professional grade Christmas lights utilize a one-piece design, which means the LED diode and lens are in a single sealed socket. Therefore, dirt and water won’t be able to enter the inside of the bulb which is the leading cause of light failure. Additionally, the electrical components inside professional-grade lights are far more superior to retail lights, which allows them to produce a much more brilliant and color-saturated effect.