Whether you love it or loathe it, mowing the lawn is one of the most essential jobs you need to complete to properly take care of your lawn and garden area. Not only is it one of the key things to have a healthy and beautiful lawn, but it also encourages your grass to grow more, come in thicker, and blocks out weeds. If you want your lawn to stand out from the rest, follow this how-to guide from our professional landscapers here at Mountview Landscaping.  


When should I start mowing the lawn for spring? 

You should start to mow your lawn each spring when the grass is between two to three inches tall, and before the grass turns green and begins growing rapidly. Cutting off the dead grass blades from the winter season will cue the lawn to start growing again. Once you can get your lawn growing again for the spring, it will allow you to start controlling the weeds earlier in the mowing season. You also will need to wait until it’s warm enough outside to be able to start mowing regularly. If temperatures look like they are consistently dropping below 15 degrees, it’s best to wait to avoid weakening or damaging your lawn. 


When should I stop mowing the lawn for fall? 

If the weather stays warm enough, the grass will keep sprouting! Generally, when temperatures get below 50 degrees F during the day- which is usually late October or early November- it’s a sign the grass-cutting days are coming to an end for the year. Don’t forget, an early snowfall that doesn’t stick around isn’t a signal to stop mowing your lawn! Be sure to watch the weather to check when the first frost is coming. To learn more about how to prepare your lawn from summer to fall, check out our previous blog.  


What is a good grass cutting height? 

Typically, a good height to mow your lawn is when it’s approximately 3-4 inches long, leaving around 2-3 inches of grass. Now, we don’t want you going out there with a ruler to measure your grass height, so a good tip to make things easier on yourself is to draw a line across your lawnmower that stands approximately 3-4 inches high. When you feel like it’s time to cut the grass, you can check out where the grass measures in relation to your line. After a couple of times, you will begin to know where the grass height should be in relation to your lawnmower before you cut it.  


Is it okay to water after mowing the lawn?  

Yes, you can water your lawn after cutting the grass, but be sure to consider if your grass needs moisture or not. Late afternoon or evening water can cause fungal problems because the grass doesn’t have time to dry before nightfall. The best time to water is early morning before it becomes too hot and giving the grass all day to dry. Watering in the late morning can cause water to evaporate quickly from the landscape due to the hot weather.  


Proper maintenance that encourages healthy growth is one of the best tools for preventing lawn disease. If all this seems too much, leave it to us. mow your lawn to the right height, prune your plants at the right time, and are careful with fertilizer applications. Early detection is also important in keeping garden invaders under control. With our horticultural knowledge, we’ll be keeping an eye out for signs of stress or trouble.  Give us a call if you are interested in learning more about Mountview landscaping services.